May Picks

May 2003

By Christopher Chambers

Lots of picks this month. First, the art fairs: From Scope I remember Jason Clay Lewis’ fuzzy white blob, which turned out to be a rabbit fur encrusted Buddha, in Max Henry’s curated room. Max is curating a show for Stefan Stux this May, and there should be more of Lewis’ creations for our perusal among other choice items. According to Mr. Henry, the artist is also involved in something or other at 31 Grand in Williamsburg. From the Armory Show on the piers two things stand out: One of only a few abstract paintings in the fair was a fairly large, lovely paint and collage presentation of rectangular afro-perm sheets by Mark Bradford in the Lombard-Freid booth, and the butterfly umbrella 9/11 memorial installation by Victor Mathews that was curated by Ombretta Agrò.


May Pick of the Month goes to Carlo Ferraris at Florence Lynch Gallery. Ferraris makes conceptual art objects and videos imbued with wry humor and genuinely touching sentimentality. Two examples (more of the wry varietal than the other) from his exhibition are a flashlight that somehow shines darkness on lit areas and a microwave oven that conversely acts as a flash freezer. He has a simultaneous one man show in Paris at Galerie Corinne Caminade.

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